Monday, October 13, 2008


I am not a big fan of toys that light up or make noise. I admit there are some cool ones out there. But I like the idea of kids making their own noises and using their imagination. It seems like most of the time they end up playing with the non-toys (pots and pans) more than the ones that make noise anyway. I reallly like the toys at Moolka. They are considered "European" toys.

My husband might not let kids play with this because he would be playing with it himself.

How cute is this? What little boy doesn't want to be like his dad and try out shaving?

Growing up we had our own little band. My brother on Smurf drums, dad singing and guitar and me singing and tamborine. I loved those times and it started a life long love of music that I hope to pass on.

What a cute way to move books around. I'm sure would get used for everything but it's intended purpose.

I say it's never to early to start crafting.


Anonymous said...

Check out my favorite store, Landbridge Toys

Also has a great selection of European designed toys. Has the best customer service too.

Anonymous said...

cute toys! and, oh the days of our band up in your bedroom! it was fun...i have such good memories of those times. love, mom

Anonymous said...

Very cool toys! Nicholas told me that he wants the marble toy (but I don't think James will want to part from it :)