Tuesday, October 7, 2008


A while ago my friend M. introduced me to MiniBoden. The other day I was looking at the page and realized they had grown-up clothes too. I am so excited. Boden USA has such great stuff. Check this out.

I love coats. They can change an outfit complete and also extend your summer clothes into fall. This one is such a great color.

This dress makes me crazy. I love it. We have a wedding to attend in January and this would be perfect with dark tights and great color heels.

Such a cute everyday skirt. I wear thick tights under skirts all year. What a great color too.
I think that is a picture of Hudson on a sweater. Hilarious.
Their men's line is great also. My hubby would look so nice in the cozy sweater.

As I mentioned I originally was introduced to the kids clothes that I instantly feel in love with and here's why.


Anonymous said...

i love the boys clothes are perfect! and so different than what is in stores.
erin w

Heidi said...

oh thank you, thank you, thank you, I just bought a coat and I know I'm only getting started.