Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Request fullfillment

Someone asked me to find some more cute aprons so I thought I would do just that. Instead of finding one site that just has aprons, I decided to find some cuties on etsy. Way to many options but here are a few I liked.
From Lateedakids

From Momo's Retro Fashions

From Snappy Shop

From Aprons by Elise

From Boojiboo

From Malphi

Others that have been listed in the past are under the kitchen label on the right hand side of the page.

Zippity do da

Suprise, suprise I've been fabric shopping again. I think a large part of it is that I am so inspired by the amazing fabrics out there and because I desperatly want a sewing machine so I can "make stuff" (that's the techincal term for it). I found Voksfaden a great collection of different fabric designers and really enjoyed their collections. They also sell patterns and ribbon. Slice of heaven, I know.

Blue, brown, polka dots....how can you go wrong?

I want to make a skirt out of this and wear it the first beautiful spring day with a crisp white button down and ballet flats.

This comes in 3 different colors, too.

I actually have a little of this fabric because I ordered a bag of scraps from Anna Maria. The color is not as bright in person which I was gla about. It's a beautiful fabric.

I would like to make a tote bag out of this.

They even are nice enough to sell me the pattern to my tote bag.

Okay I'm stopping before spend money I don't have on things I dont' need...

Oh wait I lied one more...Look at this ribbon! I have a new owl obsession so you might see more owls around here. Isn't it cute? what would I do with it?

Monday, September 29, 2008

Snail Mail

I like getting snail mail. Not junk mail or catalogs (although I do love getting Anthropologie catalogs) but good old fashion hand written letters. I always have the best intentions of sending snail mail also. I think these hilarious cards from etsy might help. They are from Scotia Made and make me chuckle. Some of them are not cards for you grandmother but just perfect for your best girlfriend. See for yourself.

I can hear you laughing already.

No Shorts

I have never been a shorts lover. I try sometimes thinking, this time I'm bound to like them...I'm older, wiser. And yet I still just can't do it. I think it started in jr. high when I was the only kid who couldn't get tan (the germans, english and welsh aren't known for their dark tans!) I started wearing long pants all the time. Thankfully I got over the aversion to showing a little leg and fell in love with skirts. I would wear skirts all the time. My collection is growing very slowly but I found these and think their may be an explosion in the skirt department. Down East Basics is a great site for many different things but I particularly love their skirts. Ready to be wow-ed

You can never go wrong with black and white. Can be dressy with heels or casual with flats.

So pretty. Perfect for fall. I can see this with some navy or grey tights.

Nothing like a good jean skirt that you love. I have one and probably wear it too often but it's just so great This one would give mine a run for it's money.
I don't own much yellow (some may call it gold) but this I could be tempted by.
I threw in the dress for good measure. The best part about this post is that each item is under $35.

Happy Monday everyone

Saturday, September 27, 2008


Got to do another treasury list for Etsy today and in honor of the rainy day I did it all about Wellies/ Rain boots. Check it out here

Stuck inside on a rainy day

It is so icky outside. Hubby is sleeping because of the pain meds for his leg and so I'm blogging or looking for things to blog later. Thought I would do one more post today. My latest Etsy find is Skinny Laminx. The artist is based in South Africa so items take a little while to get to you but I think they would be worth the wait.

I like tea when the weather gets cold but I'm not a cup and saucer kind of girl. Instead I like my tea in a mug (the bigger the better) I think this one is so pretty.

My kitchen is white so I like really colorful tea towels to brighted it up.

We have been debating whether to get a new couch but sometimes I think if we just got really great pillows we would stick with our current couch. I really like this pillow.

There are a few different hand cut stickers on this site that are really cute. This one is my favorite.
Hope you have something fun to do on this rainy day...even better I hope it's not raining where you are.

Cold Weather

Now that fall is officially upon us I thought I would share a site I found earlier this summer. At the time just the thought of sweaters and scarves made me sweat. But now I can't wait to pull all my sweaters out and start wearin them again. Morehouse Farm has beautiful items in wool. I know, I know for some of you the word wool makes you itch but with the right thing under the wool almost anyone can wear it. I can't post any pictures of their products so you'll have to trust me and go see for yourself.

Friday, September 26, 2008


I've mentioned my journal obsession...I'm seeking counseling. And my counseling I mean retail therapy. Found a new great hand made journal site on etsy called (what else) My Handbound Books. Check these beauties out.

Nothing like classic brown leather.
Cute and little and perfect for in your purse.
Probably my personal favorite.
These may not be the most practical but wouldn't it be fun to pull on out at a meeting and see your co-workers confused expressions?
If you can write in this one I would be super impressed.
Did anyone besides me watch The Office last night? I loved it (as always) I think I'm always waiting for it to fail me and not make me laugh but it never has. Love it.

Thursday, September 25, 2008


I saw an ad for this company on one of the blogs I like and really liked there stuff so I wanted to share with all of you. It's called MiniModerns. They make cute pillows, wallpaper and dinnerware. Here is just a sample of their stuff.

Cute little piggy bank

This wallpaper is called colour-me because once the paper is hung and fully dried it is ment to be colored on. I think that would be such a cool thing for part of a play room. Keep the kids entertained and have funky wallpaper when you are done.

Such sweet pea pods.

I really like the idea of white dinner plates. I have been trying to decide on which ones I want. These are a nice option because although they are mainly white they have a bit of interst with the number.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


If you live in the Pittsburgh area you should check out my best friend's sister. She does Poi (fire spinning). You can find out when and where here.
Both of these pictures are J.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Road Trip

I wish we had one of these closer to my house. MFTA is a reuse, recycle art supply warehouse in New York. They take materials for arts and crafts that people aren't using and resell them at a fraction of the cost. The Paint Room alone is enough to make my heart flutter.

Look at all of this yarn

I always hate to throw away craft supplies, left over fabric or ribbon. I think there has to be someone who can use it. This place would be a little slice of heaven for me.
The also have computers, office chairs, household items, picture frames and the list goes on an on and on.

Most people visit New York to go to a show or dinner or a fancy store. I think when I go I will want to go to MFTA first.

Pretty please

I want/need this right now. I found this on Urban Outfitters and pretty much feel in love instantly.

Imagine dinner with the girls and all you have to carry is this beauty or a trip to market and free hands. Oh I am counting the places I will talk this. And you can through a key in and you are all set. I.D, credit card, cash, key...ready to go.

Monday, September 22, 2008


I thought in honor of my friends who travel for work I would share some of my new favorite luggage. Swiss Army is known for their army knives or even watches (which I bought for my hubby one year), but have you seen their luggage? Luggage source is an official dealer that has many options.

I also like Delsey Luggage. Luggage OnlineThen there is Luggage.com which has these designer suitcases. You'll never have to worry about not spotting your bag at the airport with this lovely Diane Von Furstenburg

Or these pretty bags from Luggage Set Select. Cute, huh?

Makes you want to book a flight to somewhere, doesn't it?

Sunday, September 21, 2008


Since we are a little more home bound these days I have even more free time. Good for the blog not so great for me. But my hubby is not always knocked out so we gotten to spend some time talking, which has been nice.

I just had to share this etsy site. Retrofied is a just amazing. She makes the most beautiful handmade bags. Check these out....

This is a reversible diaper bag. Forget diaper bag this would be a great everyday bag. I just love the pattern.

Sweet little clutch in vintage fabric.

I want to move back into the city pretty badly. This just makes me want it more. I have always wanted a bike to ride to market and wouldn't this little bag basket make it even cuter!

So pretty, reversible hobo bag.

Another beautiful, reversible hobo bag.
Almost all of the bags are reversible, so it's almost like getting two bags for the price of one. I'm just debating which one to get as my new fall bag.