Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Attics and Playrooms

When we moved into our house (a hundred year old "farm" house) we knew there were a ton of projects we wanted to do. Almost 5 years later and many of them are completed or at least well on the way. Our attic is one such project. It was just a typical, dirty storage space. I didn't go up there unless I had to. We had big ideas to make it a playroom. At this point it still has to be painted and the carpet needs to be installed but it is one of my favorite rooms. It has a built in bed at one end and sloping ceilings. I think any kid would like to play up there. Because of the ceilings we have to find creative ways to store things. I think these toy cubes from Mod Mom Furniture would be perfect.
How would I pick between the owl and the bird? They are so cool.

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emily82 said...

Those are so cute! If I had to pick, I'd get the owl one.