Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Back to life...only better

Wanted to jump back into blogging with a non-baby related post. I could only talk about babies from now on if I let myself but I wanted to talk about all of life not just the super great baby part.

If you are like me you love finding cool treasures at yard sales and antique shops. I love the hunt and the idea that I MIGHT find the perfect thing that I didn't know I needed. P.O.S.H. Chicago is sort of like flea market or antique store shopping only from the comfort of your own home. They have mostly dining items (plates, cups, flatware) but also have great "flea market" finds.

Antique Belgium Linens. Need I say more!?

Look at the colors! I would have put one of these in a treasure box as a kid. I think baby G might need one.
It's like a journal, but even better because it's old and french and so great looking.
I WANT this for the nursery. It's a "good luck" tower. Each of the animals is holding a four leaf clover. It's the perfect colors for G's room.
Marbles are just cool. I have antique bottles full of them but I can always use more.

I think I've mentioned before that I would love to have all white plates. I like the tiny ribbon of color in these and they are $12 for 4. Seems like a steal doesn't it?

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