Thursday, October 29, 2009

Must go

I found a new place I absolutely want to visit the next time I'm in New York. Located at 230 5th Avenue suite #510 SecondHand Rose carries the world's largest collection of antique wallpapers. I would love to see these papers in person. They also carry antique linoleum, furniture, glassware and pre-electric lights. Amazing. I could spend hours in this place.
Look at this wall of papers. Are you drooling just a bit? I know I am.

Great furniture.

Look at these linoleum patterns!

Fabulous lamps and mirrors.

I want to be in this store now! Honestly, I just want to be in NY right now...but any excuse will work!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Warm Me Up

While visiting Forever 21 the other day I spotted some great coats under $50. Who can say no to that kind of a deal?

Fuzzy swing coat for $44.90

Great gray peacoat for $45.80
I usually don't like fake fur (or any fur for that matter) but I kind of love this jacket for $34.90

Possibly my favorite. I love the bold pattern. $47.80

Satin-y. I think this looks classy and it's only $32.80
Which one is your favorite?

Thursday, October 22, 2009


Heading to a wedding this weekend. If I had planned a little better I could have ordered this super cute personalized pillow by Cozy Blue for the bride and groom. Love it! Next wedding I'm invited to this is what I am giving.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Dress Up

Just so you know it is completely okay for me to start planning my costume for Halloween way in advance and to dream of what to wear. I never got to dress up growing up (ask my Mom why and she'll laugh!). So now I feel the need to way over compensate as an adult. I have my idea all figured out and let me tell you if I had endless cash supply I would buy one of these magic dresses to complete my look. By the way these should come back in style because I want to wear one ever single day. From Timeless Vixen

I'm drooling already. So completely amazing. And RED. Love it.
I want to host a garden party or a luau and show up in this peice of magic.

Gorgeous. I would have to add straps but otherwise perfection.

I'm telling you these skirts get me. I tried one on at a costume shop and wanted to dance around. Can you imagine getting to wear one all the time? I would love it. And the pearls!

I have nothing to say that could add to this dress. MMM good.

Friday, October 16, 2009


Thought for Friday it might be fun to write a list of the things I am enjoying currently.

1. Pumpkin seeds. They make me feel like it's really fall and they smell so good when they are baking.

2. Getting all my scarves out. I like collecting them almost as much as shoes (expect to see many posts about scarves over the next few weeks).

3. My new boots. I look for any and all excuses to wear them. Skirts, jeans, dresses doesn't matter.

4. Glee. If you are not watching this show you MUST start. It is fabulous. I can't get enough!

5. Navy eyeliner. I use an angled brush and navy eyeshadow and smudge it.

6. Knee socks and patterned tights for under my boots.

7. Legwarmers. So I can pretend to wear boots when I'm not wearing them.

8. Daylight by Matt and Kim and 1901 by Phoenix and anything by She & Him.

9. Gold jewelry. I was always a silver girl but now I've really started to love gold.

10. Blue Moon. Any beer that requires and orange is alright in my book.

Have a lovely weekend.

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Looking for some good fall clothes for the men in your life? Try Folk Clothing and and dno't' worry they have some things for the ladies as well.

I like this scarf for me. Simple and cute.

AHHH...Love this sweater!

Simple, classic, crewneck. Good.

So no one will feel left out some shoes for the ladies. I would love to own these!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Let the Wild Rumpus Start

I am so excited for Where The Wild Things Are to come to theaters on Friday! I loved the book as a kid, Spike Jonze directed, the soundtrack sounds amazing and the costumes are incredible. Here are a few items inspired by the movie to get you excited too. I might have to dress like King Max to go watch it....

From the LB Gallery a King Max costume. Someone please dress their kid in this for Halloween!

A scrabble tile pendant necklace from Market Square Designs.

Wild Things Mobile from Salty and Sweet

Are you as excited as me?

Thursday, October 8, 2009


I know it is completely impractical but I like the look of all white rooms. Just a splash of color and they look amazing. Obviously, eating or drinking or living in these rooms might be a little difficult. But maybe an all white bedroom or office. Or maybe I could buy plastic bubbles for all my friends to wear when they come to visit.

Just a little orange and tan. It looks so clean and fresh.

There are many options for shades of white also. I like the gold around the windows. So good.

These white shelves make the plates and cups pop.


I can almost feel the warm breeze blowing through this room.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Could You?

Would you be able to use this public restroom? It's in London and is mirrored from the outside but when you enter you realize it's a two way mirror and you can see everyone outside. Not sure I could. What about you?

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Decorating for fall is always fun. The color palette is amazing. Orange alone makes me crazy! Carving pumpkins is also one of my favorite things. I don't like making jack-o-lanterns but I like making designs and finding other ways to carve them. Martha Stewart (of course) has some amazing ideas.

Print out a letter and trace it onto the pumpkin then either carve out or cut part way through the pumpkin leaving the initial in the pumpkin. Lovely and classy.

For this simulated lace use woodworking tools and masking tape. Also cut the bottom out to get the seeds out leaving the top of the pumpkin whole.

Adorable little pumpkin village. Stack two pumpkins for two story houses.

Trace cookie cutters onto the pumpkins (stars, moons, clovers) and cut them out. The line your driveway, sidewalk or porch with them.
For indoor pumpkins cover them with a layer of mod podge (glue) and glitter. Love this idea so much!

One of my favorite parties I've thrown in the past years is a pumpkin carving party. Everyone comes with a pumpkin and you spend the evening cutting the pumpkins and cooking the seeds. It's fun to all do together and everyone can take a pumpkin home or leave them to decorate your house. Also a great time to break out the Octoberfest beers and hot apple cider! And who doesn't love a handful of salty pumpkin seeds?

Friday, October 2, 2009

J.Crew has some spectacular jewelry this season. I need to stay away or I will buy it all.
Gold, Sparkley, Great

Who wouldn't want to wear these lovely earings? They would go with anything.

I have no words.

Pink is still one of my favorites. I like the size of these jewels.

This with a plain t-shirt, dark jeans and heels...perfection.

Thursday, October 1, 2009


If you asked someone what I was obsessed with they would probably say shoes. I am not denying it for a second. I have a need for shoes that goes way beyond my need for just about anything else. I get a little weak in the knees when I see the right pair. Good thing that doesn't continue when I try them on because the heels I tend to like are high and weak knees and stilettos are not a great combo.

I must say I am just as picky when it comes to men's shoes. I don't like most of the mens shoes out there. But I do like Tsubo's men's line. My favorites are.....

Oh and one pair for me of course.....