Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Today was a busy, busy day. I feel a bit out of sorts. I have a house to clean, a nursery to paint, a brother to get from the airport, a baby shower to attend, work, dinner to cook and a baby to prepare for. YIKES. I needed a few minutes of down time so here is a great site that is fun for those moments you need a break. It's called ReForm School. Most of their things are sustainable, eco-friendly or recycled. Their way of organizing the items on the page is so great. They are broken in up into categories like Art 101, Literature and Lost and Found. Cute and fun.

I have always wanted a hammock. This one is so great and made from old seatbelts.

What a great present for the little shutterbug

Another amazing bag. If I bought all the ones I wanted I would need another room in my house.

The cooler weather (okay so not this week but last week) makes me long for more scarves. I love feeling cuddly and warm all winter.


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