Friday, October 31, 2008

Land of Nod

I have a bit of a Crate and Barrel obsession and was so excited to learn a few years ago that they do a kids line called Land of Nod. They have great ideas for kids rooms and also for Christmas gifts. Here are just a few.

I love the idea of getting kids crafting early and this sewing machine would be a great way to introduce your child to the art of sewing.

I have a problem with wooden food...I love it. A. had a whole kid's kitchen full of it and she loved serving up a meal. I love finding sets I don't have yet like this sandwich set.
Pull toys are always cute especially if they DON'T light up or play music.
What kid wouldn't want to ride around on one of these. Too cool.

Since I sort of mentioned Crate and Barrel I thought I would let you know about their Christmas ornaments because I love them. Hubby and I got married in October and we registered at Crate and Barrel. After the wedding we went there to get things from our registry and ended up leaving with a ton of cute ornaments for our first Christmas together. Just click here to see the selection

Thursday, October 30, 2008's cold out there.

I am visiting my parents and it is so cold here. It actually snowed yesterday. Isn't it still October? What in the world. Maybe it means we are in for a cold winter which would mean everyone needs more coats. Because any excuse for more coats makes me happy. J.Crew got thiers in and they are fab.
Look at the sweet bow on this one. I am not into lots of bows but a perfectly placed on hits the spot.

Houndstooth, orange and white, lots of buttons, perfection. This would be the perfect everyday coat. Cute with jeans, cute with skirts, just cute.

I have a dress up coat but this one would be an amazing dress coat. Especially if your wardrobe is mostly dark colors. This would be a great shock of color.

To go with lovely new coats, scarves are always a must. I have tons of scarves and love to wear them even on days I don't really need a coat. These two are so pretty.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


A few of the blogs I read are from Australia and I always forget that it is spring for them right now and not winter (maybe I need to migrate and just live in spring all year long). One of the sites lead me to this wonderful site called Ruby and Willow. Just look at all the beautiful things they have.
Their gift bags and wrapping paper are simple and beautiful (so the fish one is a little much but the others are so pretty)

Such lovely notecards. They also have japanese papers.

Blank note cards also.

Look at this spin on a votive holder. I like candles but don't often like the holders. This is pretty and won't light my house on fire if I forget to blow it out.

These are actually the reason I looked at the site in the first place. Hurricane lamps with cut outs....oh my. They have lots of sizes and a few different colors. Imagine these all around the porch for a candle lit dinner or party. Love it.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Attics and Playrooms

When we moved into our house (a hundred year old "farm" house) we knew there were a ton of projects we wanted to do. Almost 5 years later and many of them are completed or at least well on the way. Our attic is one such project. It was just a typical, dirty storage space. I didn't go up there unless I had to. We had big ideas to make it a playroom. At this point it still has to be painted and the carpet needs to be installed but it is one of my favorite rooms. It has a built in bed at one end and sloping ceilings. I think any kid would like to play up there. Because of the ceilings we have to find creative ways to store things. I think these toy cubes from Mod Mom Furniture would be perfect.
How would I pick between the owl and the bird? They are so cool.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Not sure if I have posted about Bell'occhio but if I have they need to be talked about again. Based in San Francisco, they sell antiques and replicas of antiques. I really like their things.

Isn't this so much cuter than the cardboard egg carton from the grocery store? Or it could be used to organize beads, buttons, crafty supplies.

This ribbon is beautiful. Simple, classic, Perfect.

I am still working on my craft room and this is a MUST have. It sits on top of your desk and holds all sorts of little treasures. Love it.

Friday, October 24, 2008

It's coming...

Christmas is sneaking up on us. It is 2 MONTHS from tomorrow. You heard me...2 months. If you are in charge of shopping, cards, cookies and more you better start to get organized.

I know some people like to send out cards with pictures. Paper Cafe is a great site where you can get different and beautiful ones made. I really like them. Not sure what I'm going to do yet but these are a great option.

They also have many photo-less Christmas card options. I really enjoy simplicity in Christmas cards.

And if you are like us you may have a desire to throw lots of parties. Here are some great invitations.

If I was having a birthday party this year (I'm not...I had 2 last year) these would have to be the invites. It works for non-traditional holiday parties too. Love it.

Hope these give you some ideas to get started planning for my favorite holiday of the year.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Because I have one

Thought I would do a baby boy Etsy post since I have my favorite baby boy on my lap right now.

This bib by Modest Maven makes me chuckle. I like it a lot (she also makes great womens t-shirts).

I love Madris for some reason. I know that over time Baby G will be getting some. So of course I love this diaper carrier by The Rocking Pony

Oh man I want these blocks from Happy Solez

Custom Designs by Mimi has these great travel changing pads.

I love wooden toys and Tactile Baby has some really cute ones like this dino.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Back to life...only better

Wanted to jump back into blogging with a non-baby related post. I could only talk about babies from now on if I let myself but I wanted to talk about all of life not just the super great baby part.

If you are like me you love finding cool treasures at yard sales and antique shops. I love the hunt and the idea that I MIGHT find the perfect thing that I didn't know I needed. P.O.S.H. Chicago is sort of like flea market or antique store shopping only from the comfort of your own home. They have mostly dining items (plates, cups, flatware) but also have great "flea market" finds.

Antique Belgium Linens. Need I say more!?

Look at the colors! I would have put one of these in a treasure box as a kid. I think baby G might need one.
It's like a journal, but even better because it's old and french and so great looking.
I WANT this for the nursery. It's a "good luck" tower. Each of the animals is holding a four leaf clover. It's the perfect colors for G's room.
Marbles are just cool. I have antique bottles full of them but I can always use more.

I think I've mentioned before that I would love to have all white plates. I like the tiny ribbon of color in these and they are $12 for 4. Seems like a steal doesn't it?

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Our Baby

Here he is. Griffin the wonderful. He is a joy and a peaceful baby. We are enjoying every second. My camera and computer are acting but so this may be the only post with photos of him for a bit. I will be returning to my usual posts this site starting tomorrow. I will update on Baby G at least once every few weeks and really updating on him at my other blog. We are so thankful that he is here

Monday, October 20, 2008

Good Greif

We got a call around noon saying the birth mom changed her mind again! We are going to pick the baby up around 5 today. Please pray because she has 30 days to change her mind back. We are thinking positively and as excited as can be. We both felt like he was ours from the second we saw him and this is a true answer to prayer. We will keep you all updated.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


I mentioned we were adopting and Griffin was born yesterday at 5:04 pm. He is the most precious thing. I fell in love the second they put him in my arms. Unfortunately, 15 min before he was to be discharged to come home with us we found out the birth mom changed her mind. There is nothing to say. We are devastated.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Hair Clip Holders

I have received numerous inquiries about the hair clip/ barrette holders I make so I wanted to let everyone know the easiest way for me to make one for you. Just got to my etsy store and either click on "convo" or "request custom order" . Then let me know the colors, initial for the bottom and what you want on the top (bird, butterfly, cloud, cupcake, leaf, tree, etc) Then I will make it and post it on my etsy shop as a custom order and you can pay for it there. They are $15 a piece and I can get them done rather quickly. You will need to set up a paypal account as that is the only thing I accept. Paypal is a great way to buy most things on line. You can link it to a credit card and the it is the same as paying with a credit card but you don't have to type your number in at each site you visit (much safer).

BY the way, K.S. I have your custom order done and took it to church buy but A.S. wasn't there for me to give it to. So hopefully I will see her this weekend and she can get it to you. Thanks for your patience. Here are a few that I have done over the last few weeks.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Today was a busy, busy day. I feel a bit out of sorts. I have a house to clean, a nursery to paint, a brother to get from the airport, a baby shower to attend, work, dinner to cook and a baby to prepare for. YIKES. I needed a few minutes of down time so here is a great site that is fun for those moments you need a break. It's called ReForm School. Most of their things are sustainable, eco-friendly or recycled. Their way of organizing the items on the page is so great. They are broken in up into categories like Art 101, Literature and Lost and Found. Cute and fun.

I have always wanted a hammock. This one is so great and made from old seatbelts.

What a great present for the little shutterbug

Another amazing bag. If I bought all the ones I wanted I would need another room in my house.

The cooler weather (okay so not this week but last week) makes me long for more scarves. I love feeling cuddly and warm all winter.


Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Originally open in the UK, TopShop recently hopped across the pond and opened in the USA. (Why does that sentence sound like a press release?) They have such great clothes (some of the prices are actually pretty affordable) and I love window shopping them and getting ideas.

Of course I looked at the shoes first. I had to stop myself from doing an all shoe post. Here was one of my favorites. A color I actually don't have yet!

So pretty and girlie.

This Iwould wear with jeans or slacks or a skirt. I love multi-purpose items.

I have to stop looking so you'll have to browse for yourself.