Thursday, October 30, 2008's cold out there.

I am visiting my parents and it is so cold here. It actually snowed yesterday. Isn't it still October? What in the world. Maybe it means we are in for a cold winter which would mean everyone needs more coats. Because any excuse for more coats makes me happy. J.Crew got thiers in and they are fab.
Look at the sweet bow on this one. I am not into lots of bows but a perfectly placed on hits the spot.

Houndstooth, orange and white, lots of buttons, perfection. This would be the perfect everyday coat. Cute with jeans, cute with skirts, just cute.

I have a dress up coat but this one would be an amazing dress coat. Especially if your wardrobe is mostly dark colors. This would be a great shock of color.

To go with lovely new coats, scarves are always a must. I have tons of scarves and love to wear them even on days I don't really need a coat. These two are so pretty.

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