Thursday, October 9, 2008

Organizing Rampage

With a baby on the way in 21 days I have so much organizing to do. I had 9 months to plan for my last child and organized like crazy. Probably drove the hubby a little mad. This time with only 21 days I have to be a super crazy organizer and think of everything I will need quickly. I found Stacks and Stacks and think I might need their services.

I know this shelf is supposed to be for kids but I think I might need it to plan my outfits.

Why is it that whenever you hear a baby is coming you think you need to clean the closests (or is that just me)? It something I put off and then hear about the baby and think "I'll never get to do this if I don't do it now". Completely silly but the way my brain works.

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