Friday, January 30, 2009


I totally want these earings by Joanna Rutter. They are so adorable.

Wooden Toys

Here are some great wooden toys from etsy that may also be affected by CPSIA.
I had blocks just like these when I was little. I loved them. From Four Corners Toys. We used to make roads all over and drive little cars on them.

If there is a dollhouse in your house you absolutely MUST visit Twelfth Dimension Their things are so realistic and perfect. Makes me want to get my dollhouse out of storage.

Check out all the amazing animal puzzles from Puzzimals. I couldn't decide which was my favorite.

Clear Pine Airplane from Mike's Toys. The propeller and the wheels move.

These may not be affected by the new law but they are too adorable not to share. From My friend Amy

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Stuffed Animals

I think I will just post about items that will soon be gone from etsy over the next week. Today I'll post some stuffed animals. Get them while you still can.

This wool stuffed whale from Miaow is more than enough reason for CPSIA to go away. Please check out this site as the other stuffed toys are just as amazing.

Something for your little man from Gush for Plush. Who doesn't love a 3 eyed green monster?

I had a sock monkey when I was growing up but mine didn't have a cute star belly button like this one from M is for Monkey

We all know I love owls. Check out this winking owl from ButterCup Bloom. By the way this owl has a cute little pocket on his backside.

Cutest blonde dolly from Bit of Whimsy Dolls

Adorable chubby bunny doll from Curls of Sunshine

There are over 9000 stuffed animals on etsy. I have to stop looking now but try finding the perfect one yourself.

CPSIA Blogging Day- Save Homemade

Today is CPSIA Blogging Day. Another big push to get the laws changed and prevent thousands of small business owners — artists and crafters making beautiful handmade items for children — from going under.

Here are some great links to get you involved and help stop this law.
1. Sarah Jane Studios has a wonderful post detailing the law and ways to get involved. She explains it all much better than I ever could.
2. Click here to get the Etsy Action Kit.
3. Help spread the word! Put up a post today about CPSIA Blogging Day. Send an email to your friends. Tell everyone you talk to. Post it on facebook, myspace or Twitter

Almost all of the kid products I blog about will be affected. In most of the cases, the testing fees required will put these micro-businesses in bankruptcy. Can you imagine a world without etsy? That's a sad, sad picture.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

VIntage Accessories

Where you just thinking " I could use some of those giant, neon earings I had in 85"? Well this site is exactly what you need.

"day-lab specializes in fun and affordable vintage dead stock jewelry and accessories produced from the 1930s through the 1980s, as well as independently designed and handmade jewelry, accessories, housewares, and gift items. Many of these items are unique in that they are inherently limited in availability or one-of-a-kind"

I love these. I wish they had my name of the name of someone special to me. But still they are funny and cute.

Birds are always good and these would make great everyday earings.

A single notecard. I think I would frame this one and hang it in my bedroom.

These just made me laugh. I have more than one brother who might really enjoy these.

These are just for those of you who need giant neon earings from the 80's. Pretty great. I would wear them.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Great Lamps

I love these lamps by Hannah Nunn. Wouldn't they be just perfect as a bedside table lamp or a night light in a kid's room. So pretty and delicate.

Not sure, but this one may be my favorite.

Monday, January 26, 2009

It's almost February...2009 is already going at lightning speed. That means valentine's day is right around the corner. Time to think of ordering cards from etsy so they will be here in time.

Super simple and says it all from Story by Mia

This site had so many great cards it was hard to pick just one but here is the not- so -girlie but amazing little motor scooter card from Two Guitars.
Cute I Love You lovebird cards and stationary from Ali Design

Little cards from Hollister 25 that are so much cuter than the store bought valentines

I will post more favorites later this week.

Friday, January 23, 2009


Are you looking for a new material to make crafts out of, but you don't want to spend money? Here is tutorial for how to fuse plastic bags. Once fused, you can sew them into amazing projects like these.

What a great way to recycle those millions of plastic bags we use each year. Also you could make yourself reusable grocery bags to you stop using plastic bags.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Out of Business

Many handmade businesses are going out of business due to the new CPSIA law. As I hear about them I will let you know. Mairzey Dotes is one such business. They will be closing their shop up on February 9th. For us that means a big discount. Check them out and make sure you send a letter to your congressman or senator to change CPSIA.

Wouldn't you rather use this cute bib than some mass produced one?
No way are you going to find blankets this cool in chain stores.

Only for Tools?

These bags from Klein Connection are supposed to be for tools but I want them for myself. They are way to pretty for tool bags and the Klein stamp is cute and retro. I just love them. I also can't imagine my husband toting his tools around in one.

The next two would make super cute diaper bags that even husbands might not mind carrying. What do you think?

CPSIA and my little soap box

In August the Congress passed the CPSIA, a law making it tougher to sell toys and other childrens items that contain lead - so obviously that's a good thing. However, as a result of this law any crafter or stay-at-home artisan who makes items for kids under 12-- from clothing to toys to school supplies - must have their items tested to the tune of $400-$4000 per item.($175 for each material used so if you make an item with 4 materials then that would be 175 x 4 = $700) Since most crafters cannot afford those kinds of fees, this means tens of thousands of stay-at-home moms and small home-based businesses may be forced out of business come February 10, the official "mandatory compliance" date set by the law.

So if you want to help save handmade toys (especially etsy sellers will be affected) please visit the Handmade Toy Alliance for a letter you can send to your local representative.

Also, in the future I will not be selling barrette holders for children. They will all be "for adults". If you choose to give them to a child I can not stop you.


You know...sometimes your apple just gets cold and needs a Sweater?! This made me laugh then scratch my head. Wonder if a lot are selling? Oh I just checked...they are selling like hot cakes. More cold apples out there than I knew. I guess they do keep the apples safe from bruises. And they are pretty cute.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

New President

Seems that people are either over the moon or freaked out by the new president. I am neither. I am relaxed in the knowledge that God is in control. So pray for our new President and be thankful that God is not suprised and nothing happens that He doesn't design

Pears and Bears

Pears and Bears is a super sweet site that has a wide range of cute things for kids, women and homes.
I would love to have this super cute bag for summer time.

Sweet and simple apron
This dress for little girls is so cute...and on super sale (was $90 now is $48)
Pretty and classy shirt for me on sale too. (Was $74, now $32....amazing)

Friday, January 16, 2009


In case I wear one of my little black dresses to the wedding next weekend I will need some new shoes to complete the outfit. And a little birdy told me that Old Navy is having a great sale this weekend so I might just stop by and pick up something cute. Here are two that I really like.

And check out these lovelies from PiperLime. Not sure the blue would work...I just love these shoes and I don't have blue heels (I have 3 pairs of blue flats though)
These are just in case I wear my little red dress.


This week is officially DeLurking Week in the world of blogs. It is the week that you write a little comment to say "hey, I'm reading" then you can go back to being silent. So if you feel like it just leave me a little note because sometime it feels like I'm writing this just for me. And I promise to not mention it again till next January. Thanks.

Thursday, January 15, 2009


I think this so beautiful. I would love to learn to do this. Check out Yulia Brodskaya. So pretty.

Wedding Wear

We are heading to a wedding next weekend for our lovely friend D and L. They are a super fun couple and I feel like I could wear anything my heart desired to this wedding and not look out of place. So I've been looking for the perfect dress.

As always, Banana Republic doesn't disappoint, including this black dress on clearance.

J.Crew has this and some other lovelies that I would love to wear.

I love this Heidi Weisel Dress at Neiman Marcus (which I will not be getting because it cost over 2000 dollars!)

Obviously I am thinking of wearing black and white. Strange. I didn't even realize it till I looked back over the post. I'm sure I will find something. Or maybe I'll just get some fun accessories to go with one of my little black dresses.