Tuesday, December 30, 2008

More Calenders

Here are some more of the calenders I am looking at for 2009. Why are there so many cute ones? I can't make a decision. Thoughts? I even made a treasury list on etsy of my favorites.
Set of notepaper calendar. It's up there in the top five. by Everyday Grace

Since I do love to be in the kitchen and my calendar hangs in the kitchen maybe this one makes sense. From Smack of Jellyfish

Bright and pretty desktop calendar by 3 Sisters Love
We all know how I feel about owls. Here is an owl for every month by Valentina Design

But wait I like birds even better. Look at this one from Joom

I wanted to answer the question about the cute felt advent calendar I posted a few days ago. I found it on some one's blog. They made it for them self. But if you are truly interested I think I could make one. If you are patient and give me some time to figure it out I will try if someone really wants it. I defiantly want to make one for myself. Let me know if you want one and I will get serious about making one.

Monday, December 29, 2008


Now that it is almost a new year it is time for a new calendar. I love the new calendar. A blank year all full of possibilities. I mark so much on my calendar and it is fun to go back and see all the things we've done. So here are a few that are in the running for this year.

Big, black and white illustrated calender from Daisy Janie

Super colorful and fun calender from Be Happy Now

This letterpressed calendar comes with envelopes. After a month is finished you just tear along the dotted line and remove the artwork and you have a card. What a great idea from Papered Together.

12 loose hand drawn calendar pages that come with a clip so you can hang them from Amy Marcella

Pretty and colorful. Watercolor trees and flowers from Jelly Beans

Tomorrow I will post the rest of my calendar options then everyone can help me decide.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

Hope you day is filled with family, friends, joy and laughter.

maybe some snow too for the perfect white christmas

and some pretty packages tied up with string.

Merry Christmas from the Extraordinary Housewife

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


It is so, so cold outside. I wanted to feature a shop from etsy called Little House. I want just about everything they sell and it all makes me feel like I wouldn't freeze when I stepped outside. Take a look.
I think it's the neck that makes me feel like I would be warm. I just love it.

They have this coat in red too. I really want it.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

CPR for your makeup

If you are like me you keep makeup way longer than you should. I get attached to colors and keep them forever. Or I'll drop something but can't bring myself to throw away the broken peices. In the January issue of InStyle they teach how to make use of the damaged makeup.

Cracked Eye Shadow- Pop shadows out of trays. Put each into a makeup or paint palette and crush. Mix each with a dab of Vaseline or eye cream, adding till you get the right consistency. Put back in orginal contianer and enjoy your new cream shadow.

Crumbled Press Powder- With the back of a spoon, crush broken pressed powder or banged up blush into a fine dust. Transfer to a sifting pot and you have loose powder or powder blush.

Broken Lipstick- Scrape lipstick into microwave-safe bowl. Add contents of a 1.2 ounce pot of Carmex lip balm. Microwave for 30-40 seconds on low. Stir, spoon back into pot and let cool. You get tinted lip balm in a Carmex container.

Great ideas right? I am going to try out all three

Monday, December 22, 2008

Advent Calendar

We always had an advent calendar growing up and it was on of my favorite traditions. I would love to make one and probably will after the holidays so I have it for next year. But in case I don't make it I will get a handmade one from etsy or an after Christmas sale. Here are the favorites.

Wooden advent calendar with boxes for each day by ScrapColors
Row of Mini mittens from Pearl and Pirate

From Pottery Barn kids this beautiful little house.
This is the kind I would like to make if I have to time. Each pocket holds an ornament that you get out and place on the button covered tree. I love it. Oh and it's felt my new favorite fabric.

Friday, December 19, 2008


Does everyone keep asking you what you want for Christmas? How about a custom pair of jeans. Thats right. You get to pick everything. From the stitching, to the number and kind of buttons, the wash, the rub, everything. They are great if you have a hard time finding the perfect jean. Each pair is made exactly to your specifications and as long as you are brutally honest will be your exact fit.

First I visited Me Jeans. They have 10 steps to follow to pick your jeans- Style, fit style,fabric, waist, fly, stitch, pockets, trims, accents and accents 2. Then you start the measuring process. You have to follow the directions really closely and be honest and if you are the jeans shoudl be perfect.

Next I visited Indi Denim I loved their trouser jean. I think if I was getting custom jeans I would go to this site first. They have a gallery of tummy shots and bottom shots (all drawings) so you can pick the one that matches yours. I would probably get my most honest friend to help me decide which one was me.
Finally I visited Make your own Jeans. You don't get to pick as many things on this site. Maybe that is a good thing. But you do give very precise measurements and pick the color and style. All in all custom jeans seem like the way to go. I am going to save up and get myself a pair.

Thursday, December 18, 2008


Thought I would share some of my favorite ornaments found on etsy. Enjoy

Super cute owl from Red Marionette ( by the way this site has a ton of cute animals)

So pretty from By Apryl

I love the simplicity of this white ornament

Handcut one of a kind ornament from Emerlye Arts
This last one isn't from etsy but from William Sonoma but I saw it and had to share.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I love the start of a new year and the new calendar. Picking one is always hard, especially with etsy, there are too many cute handmade ones. Here is a great giveaway at Perch for a super cute desk calendar from 3 Sisters Love

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Most of us are either planning or attending parties this month. Maybe it's an office party or a quiet family party. Maybe you are throwing the big New Years eve bash. Regardless you have to visit Social Couture. They sell complete tablesettings for different party themes and other items to make enteraining easier.
For the Black Vine party you can get 8 plates, chargers, candles, candleabra, placecards and more for 299. Or you can buy each of the peices seperately.

This would be so pretty for an intimate New Years Dinner.
Pretty for a slightly non-traditional Christmas. Love the jewel tones
This is my idea of a perfect table. So pretty and simple.

They have bridal shower, baby shower and kid's parties as well. They also sell everything seperately so if you just need one or two little things check it out.

Monday, December 15, 2008


Have you started wrapping yet? Usually I would have things wrapped and under the tree as I purchase them but with a one year old puppy who likes to chew that might not be the best idea. But for when I do start wrapping I love these graphic designs from Martha Stewart.

You just print these designs out and you have wrapping paper. What a cheap and pretty way to wrap all your gifts this year. You just need 11x17 paper and a printer and you are off and running.

This has nothing to do with wrapping but when I was looking at these papers I saw this and I think I need it. Martha Stewarts glitter is great. It is super fine and I love using it. I definelty need this.

Crate and Barrel (one of my favorite stores) has some great paper this year. I really liked their green/gold metallic set and their white/silver metallics. Both are beautiful.

Then their is Whimsy which should always be the very first place to look for beautiful paper. Both of these had birds so I had to show you.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Only 12 shopping days left

That's right...12 days. If you aren't done by Christmas eve you are out of luck. Are you panicing because you have someone on your list that you just dont' know what to get? Well try the Gift Finder. It asks you a series of questions about who you are shopping for then gives you some great ideas. I tried it out a few times to see if I thought the people on my list would like the items and I found some great stuff.
I answered questions as if I was shopping for my dad and they suggested the hot sauce of the month club. Sounds pretty cool.

I answered questions for myself and these are two of the things it suggested. YES, PLEASE!!

I tried again and answered the questions for the kids I used to nanny and this is what I got.

All in all I think this site is really helpful if your stuck. These weren't the only suggestions I got and almost all of them were really good suggestions. Try it yourself and see if it helps.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I found the beard hat at this great store called Scandinavian Grace. They have a wide range of really cool stuff. Here are a few of my favorites.

I want my next couch to have and extension on one end like this one. I love the clean lines of this one.

If I ever get a bicycle I dream of it having a basket on the front. This one would be my first choice and it comes in 3 colors. I love it.
This would be so cool over my bedside tables. I love that it is ruffly.

I love the colors of these towels. Towels are an instant makeover for a drab bathroom

Yes, please

If I had the money (which I don't) I would buy this for my 3 younger brothers-in-law and for my psuedo brother.

In my head I am imagining all 4 of them walking around town with this one. I would want 4 different colors. Oh man, I love this thing.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


My dog thinks I am so boring. All day I sit and sew or blog or clean or bake and all of these things he is not able to participate in. When hubby walks through the door it's like the fun has arrived. I think we need to invest something to keep him busy. Like these toys from Wrapables
He needs super durable toys because he is really strong and likes to play tug of war. Maybe this would last longer than some of his other toys.

These at least look tough.
He would probably rip these to shreds in a few hours.
I could put a treat in these and that would be at least a half hour of something interesting.
If I'm totally honest this is what he wants for Christmas...a new best friend. Maybe next year.