Friday, October 3, 2008


In my craft obsessed mind, I see things and think "I could do that". Whenever I would think that in the past that would be it. I would think it but never act on it. But more recently if I've seen something and thought I could do that I've given it a try. It's been quite an adventure. I started my etsy site because of this. My newest "I can do that" moment involved embroidery. I want to teach myself and found a fun site called Sublime Stitching to help me get started. It says it "ain't your gramma's embroidery" but in my case that would be bad because my grandma is an amazing embroiderer (or is it cross stitch?!) Anyway, she produces amazing pieces of art and I love them. She's what got me thinking "I can do that" (thanks Marmie).

I would love to add these cuties to a bib or pillow case for a kid.

I want this for the little blue bird in the corner. I would put him on everything.
They even have cool starter kits.

I definitely want to order one of these.

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