Wednesday, October 29, 2008


A few of the blogs I read are from Australia and I always forget that it is spring for them right now and not winter (maybe I need to migrate and just live in spring all year long). One of the sites lead me to this wonderful site called Ruby and Willow. Just look at all the beautiful things they have.
Their gift bags and wrapping paper are simple and beautiful (so the fish one is a little much but the others are so pretty)

Such lovely notecards. They also have japanese papers.

Blank note cards also.

Look at this spin on a votive holder. I like candles but don't often like the holders. This is pretty and won't light my house on fire if I forget to blow it out.

These are actually the reason I looked at the site in the first place. Hurricane lamps with cut outs....oh my. They have lots of sizes and a few different colors. Imagine these all around the porch for a candle lit dinner or party. Love it.

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