Thursday, October 16, 2008

Hair Clip Holders

I have received numerous inquiries about the hair clip/ barrette holders I make so I wanted to let everyone know the easiest way for me to make one for you. Just got to my etsy store and either click on "convo" or "request custom order" . Then let me know the colors, initial for the bottom and what you want on the top (bird, butterfly, cloud, cupcake, leaf, tree, etc) Then I will make it and post it on my etsy shop as a custom order and you can pay for it there. They are $15 a piece and I can get them done rather quickly. You will need to set up a paypal account as that is the only thing I accept. Paypal is a great way to buy most things on line. You can link it to a credit card and the it is the same as paying with a credit card but you don't have to type your number in at each site you visit (much safer).

BY the way, K.S. I have your custom order done and took it to church buy but A.S. wasn't there for me to give it to. So hopefully I will see her this weekend and she can get it to you. Thanks for your patience. Here are a few that I have done over the last few weeks.


Anonymous said...

oh, i can't wait to see mine. they all look so lovely.
angie was out of town last weekend too. they were at the outer banks i think.
hopefully she'll be there this week. i'm in no real rush, but if you can't connect with angie soon. i can pay to have it sent to me directly. thanks

Briana Almengor said...

My mom saw Bella's and loved it. SHe would like to order one for my niece for Cmas. If you're still taking custom orders, she'd like a butterfly done in mostly pink, purple and accented with green. The letter "S" as the initial for Sadie.
And, I will be sure to let folks see Bella's b/c I'm sure it's going to win you some more orders; it's absolutely darling!