Monday, December 15, 2008


Have you started wrapping yet? Usually I would have things wrapped and under the tree as I purchase them but with a one year old puppy who likes to chew that might not be the best idea. But for when I do start wrapping I love these graphic designs from Martha Stewart.

You just print these designs out and you have wrapping paper. What a cheap and pretty way to wrap all your gifts this year. You just need 11x17 paper and a printer and you are off and running.

This has nothing to do with wrapping but when I was looking at these papers I saw this and I think I need it. Martha Stewarts glitter is great. It is super fine and I love using it. I definelty need this.

Crate and Barrel (one of my favorite stores) has some great paper this year. I really liked their green/gold metallic set and their white/silver metallics. Both are beautiful.

Then their is Whimsy which should always be the very first place to look for beautiful paper. Both of these had birds so I had to show you.


Anonymous said...

I am waiting for the wrapping gnomes to come to my house - hopefully they will use this beautiful paper to get the job done!

beth said...

can you just wrap all my gifts for me??