Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Cocktail Ring

Someone asked me (K) to find them a cocktail ring, with no jewels, under $50. Oh I accept that challenge. It's a bit harder than I thought but here are a few I came up with.

This one is from Glint and is $25

This red vintage button ring by Tiger Lilly is only $8

Pretty Silver ring by Moon Faces for $7.75

This pretty fused glass ring by Branch Accessories for $12

This beaded ring from Blackjam is $45

This list could go on and on. If you still can't find the ring you love go to etsy and type in cocktail ring as your search and the list is huge. Hope this helps.


kendra said...

you are my hero!

kelli cohee said...

i might have to splurge on one of those :)
my sisters and i (traci and meg) all love your blog.
do you know of any good/cute coupon organizers?
kelli (used-to-be prater)