Tuesday, December 23, 2008

CPR for your makeup

If you are like me you keep makeup way longer than you should. I get attached to colors and keep them forever. Or I'll drop something but can't bring myself to throw away the broken peices. In the January issue of InStyle they teach how to make use of the damaged makeup.

Cracked Eye Shadow- Pop shadows out of trays. Put each into a makeup or paint palette and crush. Mix each with a dab of Vaseline or eye cream, adding till you get the right consistency. Put back in orginal contianer and enjoy your new cream shadow.

Crumbled Press Powder- With the back of a spoon, crush broken pressed powder or banged up blush into a fine dust. Transfer to a sifting pot and you have loose powder or powder blush.

Broken Lipstick- Scrape lipstick into microwave-safe bowl. Add contents of a 1.2 ounce pot of Carmex lip balm. Microwave for 30-40 seconds on low. Stir, spoon back into pot and let cool. You get tinted lip balm in a Carmex container.

Great ideas right? I am going to try out all three

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