Monday, December 29, 2008


Now that it is almost a new year it is time for a new calendar. I love the new calendar. A blank year all full of possibilities. I mark so much on my calendar and it is fun to go back and see all the things we've done. So here are a few that are in the running for this year.

Big, black and white illustrated calender from Daisy Janie

Super colorful and fun calender from Be Happy Now

This letterpressed calendar comes with envelopes. After a month is finished you just tear along the dotted line and remove the artwork and you have a card. What a great idea from Papered Together.

12 loose hand drawn calendar pages that come with a clip so you can hang them from Amy Marcella

Pretty and colorful. Watercolor trees and flowers from Jelly Beans

Tomorrow I will post the rest of my calendar options then everyone can help me decide.

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