Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Most of us are either planning or attending parties this month. Maybe it's an office party or a quiet family party. Maybe you are throwing the big New Years eve bash. Regardless you have to visit Social Couture. They sell complete tablesettings for different party themes and other items to make enteraining easier.
For the Black Vine party you can get 8 plates, chargers, candles, candleabra, placecards and more for 299. Or you can buy each of the peices seperately.

This would be so pretty for an intimate New Years Dinner.
Pretty for a slightly non-traditional Christmas. Love the jewel tones
This is my idea of a perfect table. So pretty and simple.

They have bridal shower, baby shower and kid's parties as well. They also sell everything seperately so if you just need one or two little things check it out.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful - I love hosting a dinner party and it has been too long - you have inspired me to at least put one (even if it is small) on the calendar in 2009! I LOVE the Black Vine table setting.