Thursday, December 4, 2008

Coupon Organizer

I was asked if I knew of any coupon organizers and I thought I bet I can find some cute ones. Due to my love of all things organizing this seemed right up my alley. Here is what I came up with.

This cute little guy from is only $3.99 (and it's one of my favorite colors)

This little cutie from Watermelon Wishes is not officially a coupon organizer but I think it would do the trick and it has a pen holder so you can check things off you list as you shop.

Although this one from Tickle Worm doesn't have dividers it is really cute

This was a hard search. I am a little sad I only came up with 3 but I'll keep looking and share more if I find them.


Maggie Ann said...

those are cute! You must be a coupon user like my husband. I just tag along.

megan russell said...

that is so great... i have just been thinking about getting into couponing, and i think these would provide some good motivation. i'm off to check right now...

kelli cohee said...

you're the best... thanks!
i saw the first one on etsy too and am trying to decide whether to try it :)
thanks again!

Anonymous said...

So I checked out Watermelon Wishes because I loved the fabric (surprise, surprise) and found such a great diaper bag (not really looking like one) at an affordable price. I am sure I can jam some coupons in one of the eight interior pockets. Thanks for lead on the site! Can't wait to get my bag.