Friday, December 19, 2008


Does everyone keep asking you what you want for Christmas? How about a custom pair of jeans. Thats right. You get to pick everything. From the stitching, to the number and kind of buttons, the wash, the rub, everything. They are great if you have a hard time finding the perfect jean. Each pair is made exactly to your specifications and as long as you are brutally honest will be your exact fit.

First I visited Me Jeans. They have 10 steps to follow to pick your jeans- Style, fit style,fabric, waist, fly, stitch, pockets, trims, accents and accents 2. Then you start the measuring process. You have to follow the directions really closely and be honest and if you are the jeans shoudl be perfect.

Next I visited Indi Denim I loved their trouser jean. I think if I was getting custom jeans I would go to this site first. They have a gallery of tummy shots and bottom shots (all drawings) so you can pick the one that matches yours. I would probably get my most honest friend to help me decide which one was me.
Finally I visited Make your own Jeans. You don't get to pick as many things on this site. Maybe that is a good thing. But you do give very precise measurements and pick the color and style. All in all custom jeans seem like the way to go. I am going to save up and get myself a pair.


Anonymous said...

This is fantastic. I found my bday gift for my 29th in March! Thanks Emily!
Michelle, Nora's friend.

Ang Stoltzfus said...

*Happy Happy Day* to you my friend! Hope you are celebrating in fun ways. love you lots!

Anonymous said...

jeans that we are not a one size fits all. happy birthday to my best girl!!!!