Friday, December 12, 2008

Only 12 shopping days left

That's right...12 days. If you aren't done by Christmas eve you are out of luck. Are you panicing because you have someone on your list that you just dont' know what to get? Well try the Gift Finder. It asks you a series of questions about who you are shopping for then gives you some great ideas. I tried it out a few times to see if I thought the people on my list would like the items and I found some great stuff.
I answered questions as if I was shopping for my dad and they suggested the hot sauce of the month club. Sounds pretty cool.

I answered questions for myself and these are two of the things it suggested. YES, PLEASE!!

I tried again and answered the questions for the kids I used to nanny and this is what I got.

All in all I think this site is really helpful if your stuck. These weren't the only suggestions I got and almost all of them were really good suggestions. Try it yourself and see if it helps.

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