Tuesday, December 30, 2008

More Calenders

Here are some more of the calenders I am looking at for 2009. Why are there so many cute ones? I can't make a decision. Thoughts? I even made a treasury list on etsy of my favorites.
Set of notepaper calendar. It's up there in the top five. by Everyday Grace

Since I do love to be in the kitchen and my calendar hangs in the kitchen maybe this one makes sense. From Smack of Jellyfish

Bright and pretty desktop calendar by 3 Sisters Love
We all know how I feel about owls. Here is an owl for every month by Valentina Design

But wait I like birds even better. Look at this one from Joom

I wanted to answer the question about the cute felt advent calendar I posted a few days ago. I found it on some one's blog. They made it for them self. But if you are truly interested I think I could make one. If you are patient and give me some time to figure it out I will try if someone really wants it. I defiantly want to make one for myself. Let me know if you want one and I will get serious about making one.


Anonymous said...

I love the 3 Sisters Love for the office desk - adds some color and doesn't take space but my favorite for fun AND practicality is the black and white - the like having the room for lists/goals at the top versus a picture I never have time to enjoy. Just me!


PS - did you get my slipper request? Just an idea! Happy New Year!

Andrea said...

Thanks for responding to the question about the felt advent calendar. I sew as well, so wanted to make one for myself, too:-) Do you happen to know what the ornaments list was? Or do you recall which blog you saw it on? You really do find the greatest, dearest things!

smackofjellyfish said...

Thanks for including my kitchen calendar in this fabulous collection. Good luck with your decision!


Jonalee said...

thanks for this post - I love the Joom calendar...but ended up buying one of her pillows instead and I LOVE it. =)