Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Zippity do da

Suprise, suprise I've been fabric shopping again. I think a large part of it is that I am so inspired by the amazing fabrics out there and because I desperatly want a sewing machine so I can "make stuff" (that's the techincal term for it). I found Voksfaden a great collection of different fabric designers and really enjoyed their collections. They also sell patterns and ribbon. Slice of heaven, I know.

Blue, brown, polka dots....how can you go wrong?

I want to make a skirt out of this and wear it the first beautiful spring day with a crisp white button down and ballet flats.

This comes in 3 different colors, too.

I actually have a little of this fabric because I ordered a bag of scraps from Anna Maria. The color is not as bright in person which I was gla about. It's a beautiful fabric.

I would like to make a tote bag out of this.

They even are nice enough to sell me the pattern to my tote bag.

Okay I'm stopping before spend money I don't have on things I dont' need...

Oh wait I lied one more...Look at this ribbon! I have a new owl obsession so you might see more owls around here. Isn't it cute? what would I do with it?


Ashley said...

Hey Em! Haven't talked to you in forever but I am a frequent flyer to your blog. I was wondering if you could do some research for me. Mike and I are getting a new house...In Landisville...and it's an old farm house. I was wondering if you could find some cute inexpensive patterned aprons (so the when I get into a cooking mood and feel like being cute I can don an apron!) I think that you may have blogged about this before but I'm not sure. Thanks alot! Take care! Ashley

Anonymous said...

i love this site emily.
<3 cori

meg said...

i have a serious owl obsession too!! i spent an hour...or maybe two...looking at owl things on etsy yesterday :)