Monday, September 15, 2008

Our weekend

We spent our weekend away from the hospital!! My husband plays rugby and managed to break his leg in the game on Saturday. After a surgery to put in plates on Sunday and lots of pain meds, he got to come home today. Here is the x-ray. Accordng to the x-ray tech it was the worst break she has ever seen. We like to do things in extremes obviously. No little medical emergencies in our family.


Briana Almengor said...

That looks seriously painful. Glad he got some pain meds. We're praying for him and ya'll here at the Almengor's.

Krista said...

wow...that is crazy! It looks very very painful. Hope he is feeling better.


Anonymous said...

I'm impressed you were able to get a pic of that on the blog! And wow, it leaves no doubt that it was a very bad break, indeed. Hope he's on his way to recovery.

~beth chase

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness! that is just about one of the worst things i have seen in a long time! poor james!
erin w

tines said...

YOUCH!!!! hope he's feeling better & better. praying for you guys today. xo