Saturday, September 20, 2008

High school

One of my favorite parts about living near the high school is Friday nights. I love hearing the sound of the marching band. See I was in color guard in high school. I loved being a band geek. I loved crisp fall nights in my crisp white uniform. I loved the different flags that we used for our shows and the two completely different shows we did each year. I complained about the summer practices but it is one of my favorite memories from high school. Now I love hearing the marching band warm up and knowing that someday those kids will look back and remember band as fondly as I do (hopefully). I'll have to scan one of my old pictures in someday. They are all at my parents house.


Anonymous said...

Me too Em! Chris makes fun of me, but thats OK. I had fun and that is all that matters.

Love, Heather

Bre said...

Wow, that brings back memories of Mr. J shouting "Wrong!!! Do it again - from the 50!!!" Ohhh but we loved it anyway. : )