Thursday, September 4, 2008


We all know my love for cooking. But if you are like me you prepare a great meal and then think "what wine goes with this dish?" I know I am clueless in this area. Well now you can visit Wine that Loves

They feature 5 wines (4 red, 1 white) and they say on the bottle what they love (go with). And if you need anymore help they have cute little pictures of what they love!
Great idea, right?! Don't you wish you had thought of it.


Sara said...


I check your blog often. I love how you are so helpful with this stuff!

I love this post because I too often wonder what wine would go with what. And is it bad to make a meal depending on what wine you were in the mood for?


Bre said...

Great Post! I have been involved in a once a month girls night out we call Women Who Wine. I am going to let all the ladies know about this site!