Saturday, September 27, 2008

Stuck inside on a rainy day

It is so icky outside. Hubby is sleeping because of the pain meds for his leg and so I'm blogging or looking for things to blog later. Thought I would do one more post today. My latest Etsy find is Skinny Laminx. The artist is based in South Africa so items take a little while to get to you but I think they would be worth the wait.

I like tea when the weather gets cold but I'm not a cup and saucer kind of girl. Instead I like my tea in a mug (the bigger the better) I think this one is so pretty.

My kitchen is white so I like really colorful tea towels to brighted it up.

We have been debating whether to get a new couch but sometimes I think if we just got really great pillows we would stick with our current couch. I really like this pillow.

There are a few different hand cut stickers on this site that are really cute. This one is my favorite.
Hope you have something fun to do on this rainy day...even better I hope it's not raining where you are.

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