Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Green again

Going green is the resposible thing to do. In a perfect world we would all be completely green. Our houses would run on solar or wind power, we would compost everything or recycle everything. We would ride bikes or walk everywhere and we would all have our own gardens that we composted with our own compost. Life would be perfect.

But guess what...life isn't perfect, right?! Instead we can all do our part a little bit at a time. Since I am not green a lot of the time I like when I find a way to shop green. I found the Ecoist to do just that. They have cool handbags, jewelry and more. Most of the items are one of a kind.

Great handbag made from recycled newspaper.

Amazing tote made from old rice bags. Because each piece is one of a kind you can pick a color but not the picture.

These messanger bags are made from repurposed movie posters.

This beauty is made from an old record (my dad would want to know what record it was)

One of a kind piece made from recycled glass.

Oh yea...forgot to mention that I have a showcase on Etsy today. See if you can find me in the showcase. I swear jewelry is coming soon to my Etsy. I was waiting for the round pendants to arrive so I could make them and then didn't get a chance to do it this weekend because I am also working on mobiles. So I've been busy, but it's coming I mean it.


Anonymous said...

okay, i looked and looked and looked...some really nice stuff, but yours is the best. am i predjudiced? miss you...mom

bethie said...

i love those bags and the necklace -
somehow being green makes me feel better about... something... not sure what
guess cos it's good for the earth.

the movie poster bag is a great idea