Sunday, September 21, 2008


Since we are a little more home bound these days I have even more free time. Good for the blog not so great for me. But my hubby is not always knocked out so we gotten to spend some time talking, which has been nice.

I just had to share this etsy site. Retrofied is a just amazing. She makes the most beautiful handmade bags. Check these out....

This is a reversible diaper bag. Forget diaper bag this would be a great everyday bag. I just love the pattern.

Sweet little clutch in vintage fabric.

I want to move back into the city pretty badly. This just makes me want it more. I have always wanted a bike to ride to market and wouldn't this little bag basket make it even cuter!

So pretty, reversible hobo bag.

Another beautiful, reversible hobo bag.
Almost all of the bags are reversible, so it's almost like getting two bags for the price of one. I'm just debating which one to get as my new fall bag.


beth said...

these are awesome.
you can't keep posting all these great things...
cos i'm a starving artist.
the end...

Anonymous said...

yep...great bags. i love your do the work and i just have to look! the barrett holders you made are great...can't wait to give them as gifts. love, g.

p.s if you had a sewing machine you would be turning out works of art in no time i am sure!!!

tines said...

that bike bag is the coolest! are you guys considering a move into the city? and emily, your etsy is looking great! you're quite talented my friend. so crafty. xo

Sara said...

you're feeding my bag collection obsession...thank you! :)

i'm going to get the pieces you made from Cynthia tonight. Can't wait to see them in person!