Wednesday, September 17, 2008


For fall I love flats. Okay I just love shoes but I really have grown to love flats over the last few years. I have found that Old Navy suprisingly has great flats. Since they are affordable I dont' feel so bad adding to my already overwhelming collectiong. Check out some of their cuties that I would love to own.
I really like tan shoes but they never look right on me. Maybe the pink tips will finally solve my tan shoe dilema...and they are too cute.

I don't own green shoes. But if I did these would have to be them.
You can never have to many everyday shoes. These would match just about anything.

Blue being my favorite color I adore these shoes.

I don't have anything to match these or ever close to match them but yet I want them.
I love walking to my closet and seeing an array of colors in shoes. Shoes are such an easy way to make an outfit fab. If you arent' wild in your clothing colors try just a little bit of wild in your shoes. You will be amazed how many people notice and love it.


Briana Almengor said...

I can totally see you in the blue ones, and I would have to go with the everyday ones b/c I'm so practical (a.k.a. boring). :)

Anonymous said...

I will agree that I love flats too. Never was a heel person and I don't have to be now. I love the ones that are just so different and funky looking. I am definitely going to check these ones out at Old Navy.

Love, Heather

Anonymous said...

it is especially fun when you get shoes for a great price! mom

p.s. livi had the best shoes too!

Anonymous said...

true story! i think i am going to go to old navy tomorrow...
erin w

Anonymous said...

Perfect timing - for the pregnant woman who is hanging on to the flat sandals of summer and yet can't spend much - this is PERFECT! Heading here today. Thanks, Em. Let me know about the barette hanger too - Helena is ready to organize! Anything Pink is happy - and the bird detail would be great since it will match the Livi art in her room. Whatever works for you!

Heidi said...

totally great find! I'm going there this week to check these out. Thanks miss thang.