Friday, September 12, 2008

Rainy Day

In honor of this rainy day I thought I would talk about one of my obsessions....Wellingtons. I have wanted a pair for so long. Usually whoever I am shopping with at the time makes fun of my overwhelming love of Wellies but I can't help it. As time goes on they are becoming more popular. So here are just a few of the beauties I am wishing were on my feet today.

J. Crew has some great options
But these are my favorites and they are on sale!

Smith and Hawken has every color under the rainbow.
Wellies Art has so many options also. Just in case you feel that wellies aren't as girlie as you would like to be try this option with wedge heels. Crazy cute.

Wild patterns are always fun

For the true princess they can custom design something in swarovski fancy.


Anonymous said...

I went shopping today and rainboots were on my list. I couldn't find any that I liked! Thanks for reading my mind Emily!
-Megan W

Sheila said...

whenever I see Wellies I always think of the song but this great Irish group - Gaelic Storm called "Kelly's Wellies".. fun song