Monday, September 29, 2008

No Shorts

I have never been a shorts lover. I try sometimes thinking, this time I'm bound to like them...I'm older, wiser. And yet I still just can't do it. I think it started in jr. high when I was the only kid who couldn't get tan (the germans, english and welsh aren't known for their dark tans!) I started wearing long pants all the time. Thankfully I got over the aversion to showing a little leg and fell in love with skirts. I would wear skirts all the time. My collection is growing very slowly but I found these and think their may be an explosion in the skirt department. Down East Basics is a great site for many different things but I particularly love their skirts. Ready to be wow-ed

You can never go wrong with black and white. Can be dressy with heels or casual with flats.

So pretty. Perfect for fall. I can see this with some navy or grey tights.

Nothing like a good jean skirt that you love. I have one and probably wear it too often but it's just so great This one would give mine a run for it's money.
I don't own much yellow (some may call it gold) but this I could be tempted by.
I threw in the dress for good measure. The best part about this post is that each item is under $35.

Happy Monday everyone


Anonymous said...

wow thoes are great especially for the price! i think the worst shorts are jean, men or women - i dont think they work at all. love you, erin w

Anonymous said...

those are so cool...however, i am way too lazy to wear a skirt...just can't relax in them! but i love these....and i love you. mom

Briana Almengor said...

I like the jean skirt.
I love your mom's comment; she cracks me up.