Friday, September 26, 2008


I've mentioned my journal obsession...I'm seeking counseling. And my counseling I mean retail therapy. Found a new great hand made journal site on etsy called (what else) My Handbound Books. Check these beauties out.

Nothing like classic brown leather.
Cute and little and perfect for in your purse.
Probably my personal favorite.
These may not be the most practical but wouldn't it be fun to pull on out at a meeting and see your co-workers confused expressions?
If you can write in this one I would be super impressed.
Did anyone besides me watch The Office last night? I loved it (as always) I think I'm always waiting for it to fail me and not make me laugh but it never has. Love it.


Sara said...

emily - i have an unhealthy obsession with journals too! i am actually planning on posting about my journal over on my blog!

i did watch the office last night!i loved it! i'm laughing right now remembering parts of it...

Anonymous said...

For me the more colorful the journal cover the better - love your picks.

I too loved the Office - and now I know I am not the only proposed to at a Pennsylvania reststop. Even if it is on TV - it seems a bit more normalized :) Andy was ahead of the curve.


Parmer Clan said...

I thought it was just me with the journals...looks like I'm not the only one. I just love to go to stores and touch them all! (cuz I sure can't buy them all!)
Hope James is feeling better.