Wednesday, May 28, 2008

What day is it?

Why do holiday weekends always mess with my head? I can't seem to remember what day it is all week. This week was even more confusing because I switched days at work with someone. Up until a few minutes ago I was pretty sure today was Tuesday. Oops. Good thing I had nothing big scheduled that I was missing. Guess this will be a wednesday-less week for me.

Today I wanted to talk about Dwell Studio. There items are classic and beautiful.
Growing up my grandmother had a sewing box with birds on top of it. I love that box. I was also terrified of it because my mom (to keep us from messing with it) told us we would get hurt if we touched it (which we might have because of all the needles inside). I wouldn't even open the lid for fear of needles attacking me. My imagination got the better of me sometimes. This pillow reminds me of my grandmother's sewing box

This is called a fat boy! Who doesn't need a fat boy if this is what it means? I could snuggle this pillow and be so content.

Beautiful placemats just make your plate and food look even better. Not so much for dinner club because the boys are so busy eating they would never notice but if I ever have a dinner club with couples these would be perfect.
I don't usually post kids/baby stuff (we all know why) but since I'm hosting a baby shower this weekend I may just post a few kid related things this week. I thought this bedding set from Dwell was beautiful. I think it could be for a boy or girl. The blue is just right to cross over but still blue enough to be manly.

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