Thursday, May 29, 2008


Did I get the day right? I think I'm finally back on track.

It's time to talk about bathing suits...again. Still haven't decided on the perfect one. Each day it gets hotter and each day I think...just gotta do it. Buy one already.

Two sites for today. The first is Divine Modestee (which I think is a bit of an odd name). They have a bunch of different tops and bottoms and you design your own suit. Sounds like a plan to me. The designs are nice and seem like they would be flatter. All suits are two peices (tankini style) but the bottoms come up pretty high so they would cover bellies if you don't feel like showing that off.

The second site is Layers Clothing. I like the Reese and the Presley.

Also...let's talk beach towels. Pottery Barn has my most favorite ones.
Not so sure I can imagine my husband with the first two...might have to get him the multicolored stripe. And I can get them monogrammed so that my brother's won't steal my towel at the beach.

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