Friday, May 2, 2008


In my dreams I am the most organized person alive. I have cute little boxes and folders and such for each area of my life. In reality that isn't exactly true. I have clutter and I get disorganized. But I still dream of the day when I'll have a craft room with everything in it's place or my laundry area will be organized to within an inch of it's life. Needless to say I have a slight love affair going on with The Container Store. I mean their title explains it all. They sell CONTAINERS. What more could a wanna-be organizer need? I browse their page and drool over all the little containers.
Wouldn't all of my shoes be so happy to have their own little homes?
My seven year collection of Martha Stewart's Living would be right at home in these.

I've already started transfering everything in my pantry into glass jars and these would be great for some smaller items.

These would be great for storing neccasary things that I don't to look at all the time. Maybe in the guest room.
The ideas are endless and they really have a container for everything you can think of. And they have the strongest little magnets around. I have some and love them because they can hold anything on the fridge. Even 2 or 3 pages on top of each other.


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, love the container store. Every time I look at that website, I go a little temporarily crazy trying to organize some part of my home/life. If you come across any good websites for great modern wallpaper, please let me know. I've been looking for a while to do one wall in my office in green and/or yellow and white.

I'm enjoying the blog. Thanks for all the ideas and fresh products!!


Anonymous said...

When you come in June we will have to go to he Container Store! I love it too! I am currently a fan of their sock organizers and over the door shoe hangers. Now that I know that is where you got those magnets, I have to get them now - I always enjoyed them.
Love you! Will talk to you SOON!