Monday, May 12, 2008


I love antique or antique-looking things for my home. I collect glass bottles that my husband unearths behind his shop (the hill behind his shop was a garbage dump in the 20's so all that is left is the glass and metal). I have old tools, doorknobs, grates and mirrors. I walk through antique stores and drool over all the amazing things. Well Three Potato Four is a store right up my alley. Everything looks antique. Some of the items are restored antiques and some are new. I just love the feel of all their items.
I like sending "snail" mail. I like getting it too. What would be greater than a typewriten letter. The color would light up a room and look gorgeous even when not being used.

These are not antique. Perfect for a pitcher or a vase.

Isn't this cute bottle opener so much better than the new modern ones?!

Keep in mind if you really like something and you really want it you might was to get it now not later. Most, if not all, the antique items are one of a kind so once it's's gone. Hope you find great things for your home.

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