Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I used to think aprons were just for old ladies. I thought they were old fashioned and instead would get flour all over myself when I was cooking. But I have changed my toon. I now LOVE aprons. I have 2 and want more. We always get great one's at work. My current favorite is the pink striped one. I like that the waist ties one long peice of fabric that loops around the neck and they are easy to tighten.

Today I stumbled across this site called BonBon Atelier. Aprons aren't all they have. I was enjoying looking around and found this great vintage apron.

Etsy is always a great place to find fun handmade items. If you haven't spent a few hours looking through Etsy yet you are missing out. I found this super cute apron on Dapperduds
Then there is always my favorite store Anthropologie. Some of their aprons are pretty enough to be dresses. Check out the Georgia , the Crap Apple and the Maude Half Apron. Swoon.


Anonymous said...

Those are pretty cute! Thats pretty cool how the waist tie goes around the neck makes a perfect fit!

Anonymous said...

one christmas, i made marmie an on a sewing machine...imagine. i can't even remember now what it looked like, but it was colorful. i love the aprons you show....i even got one for christmas from aaron once, it is so pretty and clean, i seldom wear it....they are so cool though. maybe i will make one again some day....nah, i'll buy one. i am sure it would add luster to my house cleaning attire...but no bleaching...i tend to get more on me than what i am cleaning. love you, mom