Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I like things that are organized...although if you saw my house right now you could say "really!?!". I'm spending a big part of this week cleaning so then you'll say "Really!"

Where was I? Oh yes, I like things that are organized. So when I found this site I got really excited. Seacloth is a beautifully organized site. By color no less. What could be better. Just pick a color you love and you have numerous things to choose from.

I picked red and found this amazing pillow that would be a great accent on our new navy bed.
Then I picked mushroom and found this spectacular bowl for our dining room table.
Did I mention they also carry fabrics?

Lovely, aren't they? Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

i am going to have fun on that website tomorrow....thanks for all the fun, pretty things to look at. you definitely need a sewing machine. love you, mom

Anonymous said...

You definitely have a niche for stuff like this and I envy you because I would not know where to start. I actually need some advice and suggestions if you have any. I have a formal living room and off of that is just a room that I have no idea what to do. I am going to send you some pics through e-mail and that way you can take a look at it yourself. I don't want to put a lot of furniture in it, but I need something. Help!!!!!!!!

Love, Heather