Monday, August 4, 2008


Today seemed like a jewelry kind of day to me. I don't always wear jewelry. Sometimes I forget to put it on or I can't find the perfect peice (because I don't own it yet). I do always wear at least my wedding band and two earings in each ear.

I think I might be tempted to wear some of this jewelry all the time if I had it. I like Alice Potter a bunch. Her peices are whimsical and pretty at the same time. I especailly liked the Grande Bead Ring.

I also found this shop on etsy that I really like. Ceeb Wasserman or Howlin Doggie is from Australia and makes some beautiful items.

This is a Japanese Style Chrysanthemum pendant.

Becaue of the tattoo on my wrist I have to wear a bracelet at work to cover it and this cuff would be perfect. It is feminine yet wide enough to actually cover the whole tattoo.

Earings are the things I change the least. Also the jewelry I buy the least of. But these would make me want to change things up a bit more.
Have a great Monday.


Krista said...

wow love it....that bracelet would look so perfect on you!
~Kista Herr~

beth said...

i love that japanese style pendant...
mmm so nice.