Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Lately Hudson has been begging me (and by begging I mean destroying the old ones) for new toys. And how can I say no to that face? Just look at it. Any chance that I can skip going to PetsMart or other pet stores is also great. So for all my pet loving friends here are a few cool sites.

BestFriends General Store has some great toys (and other stuff). With Hudson we need something without a squeeker, otherwise he ends up eating it, durable and with enough room to hold onto without being too close to the teeth (he loves tug of war). Both of these look like they would work great.
Here is a great way to make your own Rope Toy from peices for fleece. I may try this.

Waggintails is another great site for all things pet related.

Finally a new store called Tart's and Berry's. These bungee bones also seem pretty durable and might live up to the Hudson challange. Have a good Tuesday

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Anonymous said...

Em, Just wanted to tell you that Hudson is an adorable dog. He is such a cutie. I am missing my dog now.

Love, Heather