Thursday, August 28, 2008


A few weeks ago I went to an antique store with one of my brothers-in-law. W and I had a great time and while we were there he was looking for a bag to take to college. Although we found some cool army ones they just weren't what he was looking for. The other day I stumbled across this site on etsy and thought these messanger bags might be cool for an art student. The site is called SugarLust and messanger bags aren't all they carry.

This toothy bag is pretty cool. And it looks big enough to carry all W's loot.

I really like birds in design and this one is a crow so it would be okay for a guy...right?!

I think my other brothers and b-in-law's would really like these ties. Teacher, banker, engineer..these ties fit all their jobs.
I think the two college b-in-laws would like these ties, too.
I said I liked birds and this is the perfect little change purse. It's so cute, dont' you think!? But not for one of the brothers...for me.
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