Thursday, August 14, 2008


I wasn't always into being girlie. In fact I spent high school and my freshman year of collage in giant jeans and baggie tops. It wasn't until I moved to Florida for a semester that I learned how much fun it is to dress like a girl. Here are some great clothes from the Frock Shop that appeal to the girlier side of me.

I think dresses with pockets are great. Then you can wear them and feel casual but look super cute.


Girlie even when in jeans

With a cute white blouse this would look amazing.

Of all of these peices I think I need this one the most!

What a cute little jacket. One can never have to many jackets.

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Anonymous said...

this site is an excellent example of why you should never get rid of clothing that is no longer in will be again one day if you live long enough. another example of your great taste. momma