Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Clothes Line

Yesterday was laundry day. I stripped all the beds and collected the towels and clothes. We had the windows open because it was so nice out and as the day went on the house got warmer and warmer from the dryer being on. I was even more convinced that I need a clothes line. I want one like the Amish have where the line is stretched from the porch to a point high above. There are two pulleys so you stay in one place and just wheel the line and clothes away from you. They look like this.

Our washer and drier are in our master bedroom (best idea ever!!!) and I thought my hubby could string the line from the bedroom window to our barn. It would be so perfect. But then I remember the conversation I had a few weeks ago with N about how much she hated some clothes pegs and loved some others. So I thought there have to be better clothes pegs out there somewhere. I was right. Check these super cute bird clothes pegs . Now I really, really want a clothes line. Guess I'll add it to the list of things to finish around the house. My hubby loves when I get these bright ideas.


Anonymous said...

i have always wanted a clothes line too....for now i just lay things in the back yard. the sun is quite good in helping get out some stains. mom

Penny Raine said...

We line dry our clothes and I was thinking today how we must somewhere around here have a couple pulleys that we could make a better clothes line with. I want one like our Amish neighbors way up high. My hubby can build anything if I can show him a picture. Glad I found one here, better than driving around staring at folks laundry!

blessings, Penny Raine