Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Weekend 2

Here are the photos of all the flower arrangments. I'll try to say what they are for also.

There was a large fireplace at one end of the room so I did 7 large and 3 small arrangments and placed them on the mantel with a picture from the wedding ceremony (which was a few months ago)

This is one of the mantel displays. Notice the wire snips? I use them to cut the flowers. They are the best.

Also for the mantel

Mantel again

This was my favorite arrangment. I used one of my square vases. It was on the gift table and the bride let me take it home so it's now in my kitchen!

Another mantel arrangment

Mantel again

The next 3 are the tiny ones for the mantel.

This was the largest display for the buffet table. The bride loves hydranga also and I just happend to have some growing in my yard that is the right color. Notice on the wall behind it the copper tins that my grandmother gave me. I always trace the item I am hanging and hang the papers first so I can see what looks right. The white circles are papers for the 4 we still have to hang but can't find a way to hang.

This was for the men's room. I tried not to make it too girlie but to still tie in with the others.

Super girlie and pink for the ladies room

This one wasn't the whole way done when I took the picture. It had more of the green's in the background when it was. It was the biggest arrangment that went on the mantel.

I made these cups out of craft paper to put goldfish crackers in for the kids. I really like the idea of having an area for children at a wedding (if you are going to have kids at the wedding). It keeps them entertained, makes them feel part of the day and parents really appreciate the extra thought. I don't like the idea of big bowls or baskets of food at the kids table. I feel it is easier to have the food in individual packages or containers so the kids can just grab one and go. Thus the cups.

In case you wondered, yes my house was a complete disaster and yes I waited till Monday evening (after work and a trip to the vet) to clean it. And yes it still needs a little work. Oh well.


Libby said...

The arrangements are gorgeous! Wish I had such talent. Libby (Sovereign Grace Church in MD)

Anonymous said...

the kids' cups are the best idea! well, anything you think of is the best ever. love, mom

you did a smashing job!!!!

Anonymous said...