Friday, August 22, 2008


I am doing my first ever Giveaway. Crazy I know and I'm not sure how it will work out but here goes. All you have to do is visit my Etsy and then leave a comment on this posttelling me which one is your favorite. I will accept comments till next Thursday, August 28th at noon and winner will be announced Friday. If you win you will recieve this new piece I just finished. It is called Queen of Hearts and is 8 x 8.

Make sure you include your name in your comment so I can get in touch with you. When I post the winner it will be the winners responsibility to e-mail me before the following Monday. Can't wait to pick a winner.


Michelle L said...

My favorite is the one called Little Blue Quilt. All of the quilts, inlcuding this one, look like they took a lot of time & effort. Very pretty!

Ashley said...

Hey Emily! I love going to your Etsy Store and looking at all of your creations. They are all really great and it's hard to just pick one that's my favorite. However there is one that sticks out to me! I really enjoy the So Many Seashells one. I love how you picked shells that really blended together and how it goes from dark to light to dark again. You are so creative and one of these days I am going to buy one of your masterpieces! Miss you! Ashley

quitecontrary1977 said...

these are so cool! i really like bibly.. it would look beautiful in my bedroom!

Anonymous said...

Hey Em! I love the So Many Seashells. I love how you sorted the colors out and the best part is that you just got them when you were on vacation. Very creative!

Anonymous said...

Em! Sorry I forgot to put my name down. I am the one that said I liked So Many Seashells.

Heather Loveland

Briana Almengor said...

It's hard to pick one as a favorite.
I like the "A".
I like the "Forest of Trees".
I like the shells.
I like Bird on a wire.

I'm really not sure which one is my favorite. I guess the one I eventually own will be, but I have a feeling I might ask you to custom make it. We'll see. :)
You've been busy, girl!
I'm going to send everyone who reads my blog to your blog/etsy for the contest and to see your work. :)

blueviolet said...

I completely love the piece entitled 'Bird on a Wire.' That's so cool!


Alison Mayes said...

I love the Stop and Smell the Roses on!

dancebythelight said...

I found you via Briana. I like the Bird on a Wire too, because I love birds and bird nests!


Anonymous said...

Emily, my favorite is the Day and Night picture. I like-a them because they remind me of living with Erin in NYC and seeing the sunshine and the moonshine over the city. And I think they're cute!
-Megan W, Indiana, PA

Holly said...

Your Etsy store really inspires me to craft more! Your style of flowers reminds me of my Vera Bradley tote. Your work is beautiful!

My favorite item is bird on a wire also - but I love your quilt ones too!

If you are opening your giveaway to everyone who reads your blog - I'd love to be considered!

Holly Wadding

Anonymous said...

My favorite is So Many Seashells, beacuse it makes me think of being a little girl and collecting treasures at the shore.

You are quite talented Emily.

Thanks, Amanda Kim

Anonymous said...

Stop and smell the roses... Is my favorite although I admit it was hard to pick one. I like the ones with the letter themes as well...very original!

Anonymous said...

I like -
So Manny Seahells - because you see so many different "crafts" and different places people put shells, and it just about ruins the shells. But your is way cool!!!
Erin W.

bethyoung said...

Hey Emily! I love everything. But "Stop and smell the roses" is a fave :-)

Jessi said...

Hi Emily - ended up here by way of Briana's blog...anyway, my favorite is "Leftovers" - very creative and resourceful - I hate to throw anything out!

Amy said...

So, so cute! I love bird on the wire.

Amy F.

A Team Family said...

My Favorite is the A... my family all has A names so I might be a bit bias!

Leslee said...

Bird on a Wire is amazing. I would love to have this piece in my work office. I work as a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner and have many clients who are inspired by art. Fall and Winter are two of the toughest seasons here in Pittsburgh for clients with mood disorders. This piece would certainly brighten my office, esp. during the Fall season. The colors are so warm and inviting and add a contentment and sense of peace to the heart. Fantastic work you have done, Emily.