Friday, August 8, 2008


I went to market this morning with my friend J. and we realized half way through what we really needed was a giant tote bag (which to me sounds like a great excuse for on-line shopping!). So I got home and did some Etsy browsing and came up with a few beauties.

I like the Spunky Sprout Totebag by SupaStarr

Also the Pretty in Pink Market Tote by Joonbeam

Then I found the Get Fresh with Me Market bag by Melissa Vest

And the Funky Turquoise Bag by East India Exports

If you don't see one here that you love don't worry there are 1500 pages worth that I didn't even look at. Needless to say it will take a bit of time to decide which one I want.


Anonymous said...

oh now i can't make up my mind which one i like either! as if i don't have enough bags already. i am so glad you look at these things, and then share em so i can look!!!! mom

joonbeam said...

Wow! Thank you so much for featuring my tote bag. And I had no idea there are so many to choose from...what an honor. Your blog and etsy shop are wonderful. So glad I found my way here via my google alert. I hope you will stop by my blog too. I write about life, my family and eco friendly art & practices. Thanks, again. joon

PS. I love totes and bags, too. We're moving and I am finding them tucked away in every closet corner! But how can you give any one of them up? :)

AltheaP said...

I'd go with Joonbeam's . . . she's a joy of a person and her work is beautiful!

Jean Levert Hood said...

What great pieces!! I love Joon's bag, because I love Joonie! She is amazing at recycling/repurposing and everything Eco!

tines said...

i like & think i should snag a tote one of these days for groceries. i was just thinking about you's been too long! xo