Friday, April 11, 2008


We've lived in our house for over 4 years. That is a good enough amount of time for the previous owners to get their mail sorted out...right?! We still get so much mail for them it is slightly ridiculous. Along with bills, letters from friends and junk mail we get their catalogs. Quite a few of them. I don't have the same taste as the previous owners but there in one catalog that I love looking through. They, of course, have a website. The catalog is called Red Envelope and it is all gift ideas. It is very well organized and has all sorts of neat things. THis time through the catalog I liked the grocery bags. I'm not great at being green. (as Kermit once said "it's not easy being green") but I could definelty try harder especially if it's this stylish. And how nice not to have a million plastic bags under my sink. Maybe I'll give it a try.


Anonymous said...

yep, i agree...those are cool looking bags. but, i would never be able to remember to take them! but i am checking out the website. love, mom

beth said...

those bags are so cool!

Anonymous said...

i am not the best a being green either, but i have a few shopping bags like this from target, and i love them. they are a little bigger than the plastic ones and they have a long strap so you can carry it over your sholder(perfect for city living when you walk to and from the grocey store). i am also loving your blog!